2017 – The Ups & Downs

I’m not normally one to look back. I don’t really ever sit on the 31st of December and analyse the year that has just passed. But this year was different. This year was a special year, a frustrating year, an emotional year and a year of hard lessons. Who thought it would be possible to fit all of this in? Now that I’ve written it I have to say I’m very proud of myself and our family for managing to stick together and my husband for staying married to me! Here’s some of my ups and downs of 2017:

The birth of my beautiful, divine nephew Mason in April is right up there as one of the happiest moments of the year. He didn’t make it easy on his poor mum and her strength and courage through it all will always be celebrated by me. Women are superheroes. It’s also been amazing to see my brother turn into a Dad right before our eyes. Dad, and soon to be husband, ending the year in the most perfect way when she said “yes” a couple of weeks ago.

Moving House
We moved houses twice this year. Add that to the two house moves in 2016 and you have four moves in 14 months with a new baby. That will test even the most patient and organised of people. Therefore it was a nightmare for me, who is neither of the above. It wasn’t easy having no home to call your own. I really struggled with the idea that I couldn’t provide a nursery or bedroom for Toby, even though it made little difference as he spent his whole year in the bed attached to me anyway!

House Heartbreak
I didn’t speak much about this at the time because I was so heartbroken, angry and dismayed by the situation. After months of viewing this house and negotiating we were due to move into our new home on Easter Thursday. Boxes were being moved, our rental was packed up and we had given our notice to our landlord. We were beyond excited to start our new adventure. Anyway, just days before the move the vendor changed their mind. I learned a very hard lesson – I am far too trusting and put too much faith in the human race sometimes. There are massive arseholes out there and I’m so aware of that now (relying on karma to sort this one out for us).

Even before all of our moves we had decided as a family to travel to the states for our twin cousin’s graduation from university in Portland. The boys lived with us for a bit when they were teenagers and I was just so proud of both of them getting their degrees and how grown up they’d become. The month we spent in the states couldn’t have come at a better time to distract us from all that had just happened with the house. It was the most wonderful few weeks with our amazing family and friends in Sonoma. And I got to ride in a hot air balloon!

That Time I Dyed My Hair Purple

Kinda speaks for itself really 🙁

Probably the lowest point of my year if I’m being really honest. When I met with my consultant in June she made me promise I would have weaned Toby by his first birthday. I needed to keep that promise but I did not want to. I wanted to feed until he was ready to do his own thing and he wasn’t. I was very down and extremely lonely for these few weeks and it felt like no one could understand. But I had wonderful people around me who helped me through every day.

Toby’s Naming Day
One year on from Toby’s arrival into the world we finally got around to officially welcoming him into the family. His naming day is definitely a highlight of the year for me. It was a fabulous day and our friends and family came from near and far to be there. Couldn’t believe my baby was one! Here’s how the day went down.

Forever Home
I reckon every auctioneer in West Cork knows our family at this stage. We were in and out of so many gafs over the last year that I’d say they wanted to pull their hair out. But then we found our place in the world. Our “not exactly perfect but we love it” Forever Home… loads of work and projects to keep us going! We moved in the week I started my new job, obviously cause why wouldn’t I want to stress myself more!

Finally got his room!

Back to work
This was a double edged sword for me. I was a mess going back to work, leaving Toby and trying to figure out the best fit from a child care point of view. But once we settled into our routine I was so happy to be back in action and being challenged professionally again. Not to mention the ol few bob coming in again. Read about it here.

All Clear MRI

This one kinda speaks for itself too. With pregnancy and breastfeeding, it was almost two and a half years since my last MRI, so it was nerve wrecking waiting for it  and then for results.

Affectionate Toby
Just in the last two or three days, right in time for new year, our little man has started giving love. Like actively looking to hug and kiss us. This is a new thing! Usually completely independent and void of a cuddling gene we are both smitten with him at the moment.

Happy New Year folks… here’s hoping 2018 is a bit calmer for all of us!