Tree of Life

So determined from the start,

My milk I’d give with all my heart,

At first it seemed to start out well,

But within days I was in hell.

Is this normal? Is this right?

I carried on with all my might,

His little mouth it begged for more,

My head, my breast, my body sore.

My soul it ached, deep down I knew,

My little boy was hurting too,

Our journey from a fairytale,

Was not to be but I wouldn’t fail.

With love, support and nipple shields,

We made it through each loving meal,

Until his tied up magic tongue

Released us from the damage done.

From then on out our path grew strong,

So grateful that I was not wrong,

Mam should always trust her gut,

And never mind the ifs and buts.

We fed together for a year,

It wasn’t easy but have no fear,

It’s the greatest thing you’ll ever do,

For him of course but also for you.

Today I say I feel empowered,

To give my child all of those hours,

I’m a superhero in normal clothes,

Watching each day as he grows.

It’s okay to say that you feel proud,

Sometimes we don’t say it quite so loud,

That everyday you sacrifice,

Is giving love and is giving life.

2 thoughts on “Tree of Life

  1. Emma O'Leary (@lifewithtinyhumans) says:

    I absolutely love this, so personal and true. Amazing piece! Go you!!!!

    1. Ash says:

      Thanks Emma! xx

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